Annie’s 1st Break by Willie Amsden

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TL;DR: Meet Annie. She moved from Texas to New York to become a supermodel and she’s just about to get her first big break when her arch nemesis gets in the way. No sooner has she dealt with that than she finds herself mixed up with kidnappers and an infuriating private detective… all she ever wanted was to be a model.

Annie’s an enjoyable heroine and it was a fun read, though I’m not sure I need another (potentially) long series in my life. I would have preferred if it had just stuck with the sabotage, but maybe life threatening peril is part of the genre? ♥♥♥♥/5 Continue reading


Arrow 4×08, “Legends of Yesterday.”

Every time I watch Arrow because it’s the second half of a Flash crossover, I always wish I had stuck with it. As much as I like Felicity, I stopped around the middle of season 1 because it was just… I don’t know. (And probably a bit because Felicity’s my favourite. That’s like M being your favourite part of a Bond film.)

It’s so much more violent and dark and serious than The Flash. You see it in each one of these crossovers, when Oliver’s the brooding serious older brother to Barry’s little kid, I love it.

Do any of you watch both? Do you prefer one over the other at all?

Second Life by SJ Watson


TL;DR: I didn’t dislike it, but it’s one of those books. You know the ones. The ones where a good story is spoiled by either too much build up or an open ending – and this has both.

I know it’s supposed to make you think, or let everyone debate what they think happened, but I much prefer a complete story. Don’t wuss out on writing an ending because people might not like it, authors.

Slow build up and disappointing ending aside, it’s still a good story that links a woman’s affair and investigation into her sister’s murder without going the most obvious route. Though if you were to ask me which of his books you should read, I would say Before I Go To Sleep. ♥♥♥/5

Spoilers ahead! 

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