Disclaimer: all recognizable characters/locations/events are property of their respective owners.

CSI: New York

Just a Child

Danny/Lindsay pairing, Flack/Stella friendship.  I was on the second season at the time of writing.

The titular child is ten, but don’t worry, she isn’t the victim; the victim is a 22 year old NYU student.  You’ll have to read it to see why she was killed and why the child is involved – no, she’s not the victim’s daughter.

Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights

My Dilemma

Apologies for any spoilers, but I’m sure anyone who hasn’t read it at least knows enough for them not to be huge, and it’s old enough that I hope they also wouldn’t mind.  Would I sound morbid if I said this has become one of my favourite books?

Started as an assignment in which we had to write a poem – I can’t remember what the actual assignment was, but mine was about Cathy needing to choose between Edgar and Heathcliff – and then two more chapters with both men’s response to it.

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew

Pressure in The Spotlight

Frank and Joe have a difference of opinion when Frank decides that school may be more important than detecting, and Joe winds up helping a friend.

This was my first ever completed story, I don’t know how obvious that might be.

Shared Memories

Most people take having a mother on Mother’s Day for granted.  But what can you do if you don’t have one?

A one-shot crossover with a focus on Nancy.  I understand if that makes you not want to read it, she’s not my favourite either and I don’t really know where this came from.

Hidden Depths

Honourable mention 2009 competition entry

Sometimes, there’s more to benefit from a case than just helping someone.

Specifically, a girlfriend.  A certain Callie Shaw has been kidnapped, and a side benefit of saving her might just be becoming her boyfriend…

Missed Chances

3rd place Halloween 2008 competition entry

Iola Morton’s death came as a shock to everyone.  But was it completely unpredictable?

Fenton Hardy was forewarned that something would happen to his youngest son’s first love… but given that he was probably suffering from concussion at the time, he was convinced to let it go.  Perhaps he shouldn’t have.

Sorry for the spoiler if you happen to be someone who has managed to not hear about this death, but it seems to be common knowledge.

Only a Dream

A short parody written for fun with one way the Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew) books might have been created.

My first attempt at parody, if you can call it that, starring Edward Stratemeyer himself (and not much Frank and Joe, I’ll admit.)  I’m considering a sequel about Oscar Smuff, but it hasn’t even been started yet so don’t expect it very soon.

Shakespeare’s King Lear

King Lear

I honestly don’t know what possessed me to write this, it must have been the one play I actually enjoyed, not that A Comedy of Errors was bad either.

Focused on the beginning of the play and the sisters’ plot to destroy their father, told through a diary entry by Cordelia and a letter from Gonerill to Regan (with input from Oswald.)

Sherlock (BBC)

Three Days

Based on the new series on the BBC and a crossover with Boy Meets Girl (which also starred Martin Freeman, this had to be done.) Takes place in the first season, between episodes two and three; possible spoilers for the third episode.

Molly just wants to be noticed and spend some quality time with her favourite consulting detective; what better way than by switching places with the one closest to him?






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