These are various things I have done/had published while on work placement and on my university newspaper that just don’t fit in the other categories.

On Prima Baby’s Baby Expert website:

Q & A writeup

Myleene Klass speaks to Babyexpert users about pregnancy, birth and being a working mum-of-two…


Make mealtimes simple with a Hauck Sit ‘n Relax highchair, worth £169.99.

In The River newspaper:

Layout (InDesign)

I laid out this page  in InDesign, as well as writing the headline and shortening the NIBS to fit.

On The River’s website:

Education news round up (Storify)

I did several of these while working as External News editor, but I think one is enough to get the idea.  They were made using Storify.

(Film review) We Bought a Zoo

I would like to point out that while the headings are a good improvement, there are a couple of changes the sub editor made  (such as removing all mention of it being based on a true story) that I disagree with.

I do know that I shouldn’t mention that, but since this is my portfolio I wanted to. The original is here.

In The Guardian Newspaper:

Events column (InCopy)

Like the education round ups, not a lot of work – in a way, even less – but I made this Events column in InCopy using press releases that had been sent to the books desk.

On The Guardian books website:


I wrote this quiz about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in honour of Towel Day.


As I was there just before the Jubilee, I was asked to write a quiz about royalty in children’s literature.


A general fill-in-the-blanks nursery rhymes quiz.

For Britannia Property Management in Cyprus:


A leaflet that was distributed to the houses in the area in an attempt to get more clients.

For National Novel Writing Month participants:

Version 1

Version 2

Many participants make calendars for the month, with the wordcount needed for each day.  I made this one this year and several people liked it and used it. (Picture credit BBC)



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