These are the articles I have had published either in papers or online while on work placements and working on my university newspaper.

On Prima Baby’s Baby Expert website:

Has a photo given away the secret of Elton’s son?

Elton John’s baby has blue eyes… and his chubby cheeks

Pink gives birth to baby girl

Popstar Pink announces arrival of her first child via Twitter

Are you affected by the IVF postcode lottery?

Nearly three quarters of health trusts are refusing childless couples fertility treatment, according to a report…

I also wrote two accompanying features for this story.

No maternity leave for Victoria Beckham

Hard working mum and designer Victoria Beckham is too busy to take time off after the imminent birth of her 4th baby due July 4th

In The Cyprus Weekly:

Pottery found at Larnaca Bronze Age site

The Late Bronze Age city at Hale Sultan Tekke had at least three phases of habitation, stretching from approximately 1450 BC to around 1200 BC, though the pottery indicates that its foundations go back even further, the Department of Antiquities said yesterday.

Waste war may mean higher tax

The resolution of a €1m waste disposal debt may mean higher taxes for ordinary citizens.

In The River newspaper:

Cabbie jailed for sex assaults

I wrote this NIB during one of our press nights.

On The River’s website:

Beloved KU Lecturer Awarded University’s First Honorary Fellowship

Mr Whately, who was honoured during the postgraduate graduation ceremony on January 16, is considered a prized asset to the Kingston Drama Department by his students.



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