“Turn the page for a sneak peek of [new work!]”

Have you noticed this message at the end of any books recently? Or more likely, at the end of most of them?

While I understand the trend from the author’s point of view, here are the ways they can be annoying and why I believe they should be shorter:

  • It’s an unexpected surprise when you still have (what you thought) was a lot of book left, because you’re not someone who flicks to the back first.
  • On a Kindle, your book suddenly stops at 80%. What’s the point of a progress rate if it doesn’t go to 100%? The worst part of this being that Kindle books usually automatically open to page 1, and not the table of contents that might serve as a warning.
  • These sneak peeks tend to be the entire first chapter. On the one hand, this means the book you’re currently holding is more than just the one book – on the other, it means that when you buy the next one, you’re technically buying a second copy of Chapter 1. (Okay, the cycle continues with book 2 having the first chapter of book 3, but where does it end?)
  • It’s only happened to me once, but apparently the “preview” can be of a short story so short that the preview is actually the story. It was successful, in that I was interested enough to go and buy the other “book”, but I didn’t much appreciate paying for something I’d already read.

Do you like this new “preview” trend? Do you always skip it? Do you agree that they shouldn’t be the entire first chapter? Tell me your thoughts!



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