What would you do if you survived a freak accident and woke up after a three-month coma with no fiance and millions in settlement money? Lisa Flyte decides that she’s going to seize her second chance with both hands.

The book picks up after she’s dropped eight dress sizes, started taking business classes to learn how to put her money to good use, and decided to become Miss Adventure.

Enter Jack Hawkins. An adrenaline junkie who Lisa decides is the perfect person to teach her how to be brave: brave enough to stand up to her family, brave enough to change her life, brave enough to become the kind of woman who jumps out of airplanes. (Literally.) Conveniently, he also thinks she’s the perfect newbie to test out his new range of idiot-proof adventuring gear.

Is she a natural? Of course not, or it wouldn’t be a comedy.

Is Jack the kind of rough outdoorsman who makes her eat disgusting things? No, or she would have gone running in the other direction and it wouldn’t have worked as well as a romantic comedy.

Are there obstacles along the way to their happily ever after? Aren’t there always? These obstacles, however, I found refreshingly different – it wasn’t a case of an ex boy/girlfriend, or a love triangle, but… without giving too much away, Lisa’s quite the media bait. And is actually written as someone with some business sense, rather than being purely focused on her love life.

As someone who not so long ago claimed to not like romance, I seem to have been reading quite a lot of it lately… with the caveat that it needs to have a twist (like the adventuring here) rather than focusing on the bedroom page after page after page.

Another thing I loved:

Don’t you just love a title that works multiple ways? Miss Adventure, as in a woman who likes outdoors adventures, or Misadventure, as in The Misadventures of Lisa Flyte, because – as with most romantic comedies – Lisa has her fair share. They’re just not usually televised.




  1. Wow, Lauren, this review popped up in my Google alerts and I am so pleased! What a fabulous snapshot of my book you have given – thank you. And I am delighted with your enjoyment of the comedy, the romance, and the originality — things about my book that I hoped readers would appreciate. Reading has always been such a delightful escape for me that I am thrilled when I know my writing has done that for others. Thanks so much for sharing your enjoyment with your wonderful fans.

    • Oh wow, hi! I’m glad you liked it.

      I agree, reading (and writing) is a great escape, which is why I tend to choose books that are funny – and if it’s going to be romance, it ideally needs to be funny and have something unique about it.

      The title and the cover intrigued me, and then it sounded good, and then I made the great decision to read it! I saw on Amazon that it used to have a different title… I think this one’s the best. 🙂

      • Oh yes, my original titles, tongue-in-cheek though they were supposed to be, did not go over well and too many readers thought they were buying a VERY different kind of book. But that’s how we make progress, right? Tweak, adjust, never give up. Rock on, Lauren, with your most excellent blog! It is very well-written and so articulate – nice!

  2. Yeah, I can see how those titles would have given people the wrong idea! When I saw them, it took me a minute to work out how they connected to what I’d just read, but I get where you were coming from.

    Thank you for the compliment! And thank you for your book, hopefully at some point I’ll read… is it Queen of the Universe? How did you know TV is my other love? 😛


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