aside Annie’s 2nd Chance (from me)

Annie’s 2nd Chance by Willie Amsden

I recently reviewed the first book of the Annie McCauley series, and the gist was “I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I love it enough to start reading it at 4 books and end up getting sucked in to 104 books.”

I haven’t entirely changed my mind, but reading the second book has changed some of my opinions. Let’s see how it improved things:

  • It seemed unrealistic that life-threatening things would happen to a model.

Book 2 makes a clearer shift away from modelling as Annie realizes she’d rather help people than pose and look pretty for them. If you’re looking for books specifically about a model these probably aren’t for you, though there is still some modelling happening.

  • A love triangle isn’t a great triangle if the reader isn’t struggling to choose between them.

The guy I found lacking in the last book gets a little more developed in this one, though not in a particularly good way. It’s less of a triangle and more Guy 1 and Annie not being able to let go of what she thinks could have with Guy 2.

  • I compared it to the Stephanie Plum books

And it’s still a fair comparison, especially now Annie’s decided to follow a more Stephanie-like path. Annie, like Stephanie, relies more on luck (and the love interest) than skill, but that’s probably to be expected in romantic comedy mystery series.

Annie does at least transition into it more realistically. She’s a model who gets mixed up in excitement and decides she wants to help people and become a bit of an adrenaline junkie; Stephanie gets fired from her original job, asks her bail-bondsman cousin for work, and just hates all her other alternatives more than she hates bounty hunting.




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