aside The Flash 2×07, “Gorilla Warfare”

Ah, I do love a good pun. Excellent way to make me want to love an episode before it even starts. Now it has started, on with the thoughts!

  • Previously… I know it was actually a dummy, but the way Zoom was holding Barry up last episode really freaked me out. I do like that he isn’t already back to 100% though. (I realize the entire show is unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at least try.)
  • Question: Aww, they’re mean. Poor Cisco. Do we like his girlfriend, or is she actually evil?
  • Debate: I’ve already been spoiled, so I know about Caitlyn, which means both her and Cisco are metahumans. Why do these shows always feel a need to make all the sidekicks special? It goes back at least as far as Smallville, and it’s almost as bad as the rule that states they’re NEVER the “last of my kind.” Iris’ll turn out to be something next.
  • Question: Are we to assume Grodd is mind-controlling everyone not to notice a huge gorilla wandering around? Or is Cisco right and Central City really just so weird no one cares anymore?
  • Ah, the requisite bell tower. A gorilla episode blending a superhero staple with King Kong, nice.
  • Woohoo, rousing speech time! Go Barry, go! Run like the wind… er, Flash!
  • Question: It’s significant that Caitlin’s wearing all white, isn’t it? (Wait. Is that also a King Kong thing?)
  • Awesome. I’m not the only one kinda feeling sorry for the big evil gorilla.
  • Question: She asks where they’ve sent him now? Caitlin, who felt sorry for him? Surely that conversation should have been had earlier?
  • Question: *Raises hand* Now they’ve sent Grodd away, how do they find Jessie?
  • Question: I like Patty. Can I like Patty? I don’t know all the comic book stuff.
  • Hmpf. Barry and Cisco get love interests, and Caitlin just gets to lose Robbie? Twice?
  • You see? This is why I’m not sure about Patty. When every new character turns out to be someone important, you stop being able to assume anyone’s normal.


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