aside The Royals 2×03, “Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?”

We’re a third through season 2 (I assume it’s ten episodes again?) and still I can’t watch without getting the Lorde song stuck in my head. Once I get past that, it’s on with the fun of being a royal!

  • Opinion: Realistically I knew it couldn’t last, but it makes me sad that they’ve toned down the British parallels.
  • Debate: Does Alexandra Park have “many scenes with as little clothing as possible so I can show off my body” written into her contract? Such good. So jealous. (I know, it’s the character, but still. Wow.)
  • Mr Crenshaw is now Mr Pink. Bright much?
  • Haha, I like this Rani person. She seems to bring out the best in our “Queenie.”
  • … The dogs are used as a size guide, right? It won’t actually be a dog’s one he gets? Will it?
  • Oopsie! Awkward. I know what I just said about fewer parallels, but didn’t Will and Kate break up for a bit? Is this that?
  • Opinion: I love Rachel. Ever since that dominatrix line.
  • Opinion: Ugh. I would hate to be chased by paparazzi like that. No thanks, fame isn’t for me. Unless I can have the money without the attention?
  • I was going to say “poor Eleanor”, but then the peek at next week looks fun, so now I’m torn…


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