aside The Mysteries of Laura 2×05, “The Mystery of the Watery Grave”

So, tonight it’s The Mysteries of Laura, and then either another one or I’ll find a comedy to try out… what’s that one the internet’s always talking about? Rarks and Pecreation?

  • Opinion: I’m not the biggest fan of crime shows and so originally thought I liked how much the kids were in it in season 1, but now I find I actually prefer season 2 and its bigger emphasis on actual detective work. It’s stayed funny, and the twins don’t really need to be in it more than this episode’s two mentions and one scene. Even if it does kind of make last season’s poster art redundant (see below.)
  • Opinion: And since I’m being general, I also love the episode titles. So far this is one area season 1 was better at, but it looks like there are some good ones later in the season. They have a kiddie’s-book vibe to them, and as a 27 year old who still likes the odd Hardy Boys book, I like that.
  • The watery grave of the title is the wife of a newspaper mogul getting run off the road by a motorcycle gang and ending up at the bottom of a river. One of the more literal titles, then.
  • Sorry, Jake fans, but “motorcycle gang” doesn’t mean getting to see him on his Harley. He’s as disappointed as you are. [Spoiler] gets to ride instead.
  • Would you be surprised to hear Mr Mogul’s been getting death threats? Course you wouldn’t. And it’s totally going to be the first guy they talk to!  (No. Have you never watched a crime show before?)
  • Meredith’s computer magic time! And later Max’ll do something with paperwork. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just a fact.
  • A twist!
  • Oh no, he’s going to get away with it!
  • Ooh, yay, clever detective work saves the day! Maybe it was a little less straightforward than I thought it’d be – but then, that is something this show is good at.


Debate: Speaking of that art, while I get that it’s done to show how chaotic her life is, the unevenness of the three panels has always bugged me. Just me?



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