aside Parks and Recreation 1×01, “Make My Pit a Park”

Okay. Seven seasons and lots of hype, let’s see if it’s my kind of thing…

  • I’m one of the three people who still haven’t seen The Office, partly because I’m not a fan of the mockumentary style it’s encouraged that’s now everywhere… like here. Ugh.
  • Question: Is it one of those shows that gets better?
  • Is him hitting on the woman supposed to be funny? Everyone listening didn’t seem to think so, so maybe there’s hope.
  • Debate: They say you don’t notice background music till it isn’t there. This feels really stilted every time she says something and then someone else should be saying anything or there should be a noise. It’s just silence. Buzzy silence. Am I just finding things to hate because I’m not loving it?
  • Oh hey, I forgot about Chris Pratt!
  • Opinion: I swear I’m good at English. And yet it’s still tripping me up every time she says Knope like “nope” without the K.
  • Advice request: Okay. End of the episode and I’m not seeing why everyone loves it so much. Maybe I’ll try the latest (last?) one to see if/how it changes for the better… or accept that  we can’t all love all the same things. Should I bother?

Anyone care to comment and defend? Perhaps tell me the three best episodes I should try out to give it a fair chance?



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