aside Criminal Minds 11×09, “Internal Affairs”

Hopefully regular posts in which I live blog (with bullet points rather than posts) whatever I’m watching. Please feel free to respond to my ramblings/questions in the comments, but remember not to spoil things for others!

  • Question: I chose the picture above because Derek, Reid and Garcia are the only reasons I even vaguely watch this show. To my knowledge, that scene is not in this episode. (Alas. Someone want to tell me where it is from?)
  • Question: It’s not that I don’t like it… I just don’t like gore and so can’t watch it properly. Or, to explain it another way, the last episode I watched was episode 3, which is why I don’t know what’s been going on with Garcia or why Reid doesn’t seem to be around. (Well, I think I do from seeing things on Twitter and such, but I haven’t seen it.)
  • So, episode 9! It’s about a couple of missing DEA agents, with the aforementioned subplot of Garcia’s-living-in-the-office-for-some-reason. The found dead body had a second face (another person’s face cut off and put over his), which is exactly the kind of grossness that is why I don’t watch this show very much. That and that we get to see what the baddies do to their captives. Must we?
  • Question: Axelrod. Is that supposed to be ironic (ha! Hotch is associated with someone with a cool name!), or a reference to something I missed?
  • Tara Lewis reminds me of Cam from Bones. It’s distracting. Also, she’s still around? I thought she was supposed to be temporary.
  • Question: Seriously, where’s Reid?
  • Commercial break so they can further freak me out with an X Files advertisement. I don’t know which music is worse, that or Jaws
  • Ah! No! [Spoiler.]
  • Yay, they caught the baddies! Time for the fun bit at the end. Maybe I should start only watching the nice end bits…
  • Opinion: And that’s exactly why Garcia’s my favourite. She’s awesome. Look how excited she is!



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