aside The Muppets 1×05, “Walk the Swine”

And for my third and final show of the evening, some Muppet silliness!

  •  Guest: Reese Witherspoon.
  • Opinion: For completely different reasons to Criminal Minds, I’m also not sure why I’m still watching this. It’s fine, and it has its moments, but it’s not one of my favourites.
  • Okay, lessee… Piggy hates Reese Witherspoon for stealing her part and Oscar for Walk the Line. It takes them to a Habitat for Humanity site where Reese “I did all my own walking in Wild” Witherspoon competes with Miss “bedazzled hammer” Piggy until [spoiler.]
  • Opinion: Fozzie’s new stand up material is about his girlfriend. I won’t spoil what happens, and instead I’ll comment on the weirdness that is a muppet/bear being with a human. It’s just… weird.
  • Finally, Rizzo crashes into Scooter’s car and then sends him on a wild goose chase following up on a bunch of increasingly unhelpful people to get it fixed.
  • Opinion: It’s a fun 20 minutes, but there’s rarely anything actually laugh out loud. Not bad enough to give up on, just not something I would be particularly upset about if they stopped making it.


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