aside iZombie 2×06, “Max Wager”

Why yes, I am uploading a second post, which is probably going to be followed by a third! Before you unfollow me for too many notifications, I should assure you that it won’t ever be more than three.

  • Opinion: And now for something completely different! Well… maybe not completely. Still not used to the ick factor of her eating the brains, I don’t care how “nice” she makes them.
  • Ravi’s my favourite. Accent + pretty = you gots me.
  • Opinion: I know we don’t want to watch a show with a nasty-looking zombie, but I’m still not okay with her having better-looking skin and hair than me.
  • Opinion: Ugh. I hate shows where everyone’s blackmailing everyone. It’s hard to keep track of and just… well… “ugh.”
  • Yay, they made Major likeable again! (Does he die in the next episode? That’s what usually happens after I make a comment like that.)
  • Debate: … I… I feel sorry for Blaine. I’m so confused.
  • Major’s gone from nice, to a punching bag, to… why can’t he just be a nice boyfriend?



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