I’m not sure why I bought this.  I mean, I am: I was studying Journalism and I like Doctor Who, but what I don’t know is why I haven’t read it until now.  It definitely wasn’t because I started and thought it was hard to read or of no use.

If you’ve been a journalist as long as the author I don’t know if it will tell you anything new, but you might still enjoy it for the anecdotes.  If you’re studying or new to the game, I definitely recommend picking it up for a read that manages to be both informative and entertaining.  Even if you aren’t any kind of journalist, the style and the stories are still worth it.  ♥♥♥♥♥/5

It does exactly what it says on the tin: gives you tips on how to prepare for, conduct and write up interviews – mainly face to face, but email and phone are touched on – and anecdotes on the author’s experiences with Doctor Who actors, Ozzy Osbourne and others that are used to illustrate, not “here’s an anecdote about a time I interviewed X, just here because I felt like it.”

Most of the chapters are fairly sure, but even the longer ones are split up into easy-to-digest sections with lots of not-too-long lists.  There’s even an appendix at the end with 51 questions that might help you in future.

Told in a friendly, conversational style throughout, you’ll find the answers to such questions as…

What are the different types of interviewee?

What kind of surprises can a PR or other manager spring on you?

What’s the best way is to conduct a phone interview?

How can you best protect myself against that worst nightmare of an interview that hasn’t been recorded, and what can you do if it does happen?

… and every purchaser then has access to a Formspring account that allows them to ask the author any questions they might still have.

I definitely recommend checking this one out, and I say that as someone who tends to steer clear of non-fiction.



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