Unusually for me, I just watched the finale – only two days after it aired!

After three full seasons and a shortened fourth season, our adventures in Alabama end with an appropriately titled “Bluebell” and an hour that serves as a great series finale – which it probably is – that manages to tie everything up while reminding you why you fell in love with the show in the first place.

What did you fall in love with? The fish-out-of-water story of Zoe Hart, surgeon extraordinaire, who got uprooted from her fast-paced New York city life and deposited in Bluebell, Alabama to hopefully work on her bedside manner, where the doctor’s practice isn’t quite as high tech, the public transport is nonexistent and the people are… a whole different kind of wacky.

If you don’t exclusively watch crime, doctors or gore, then try it out for a fun show that never gets too serious but also isn’t too silly.  Bluebell is just the new Stars Hollow you’ve been looking for! ♥♥♥♥♥/5

Spoilers ahead!

The finale both ties up new threads and comes full circle on most of what was introduced from the start:

Lemon and Lavon get married! Come on, Lemon and George were never meant to be more than friends.  She admits it herself, when she says that she’s not stressed about this marriage because it’s the right man this time.  She might have mellowed a bit in the course of the show, but she’s still the strong woman easily-swayed Lavon needs, while George is perfectly capable of looking after himself.

Zoe and Wade get married! And have a baby!  Definitely a busy episode for these two.  And a busy series, what with Zoe being with Wade… with George… with Wade… with herself… crazy kids.  Being a series finale, of course she had to suddenly decide getting married was a good idea; and besides, does Bluebell strike you as the type of place two people have a baby and don’t get married?

Breeland & Hart & Associates.  After starting out as a stuck up New York doctor, Zoe is finally officially an “Alabamian”, with Brick presenting her with a sign he’s about to put up outside the practice that was once her father’s.  I like that they remembered to bring Harley back into it in the last few episodes, a reminder of how it all started, and I loved the toy Lemon gave her that he had once given to her when she was younger.  Small town doctors really do get to know everyone.

George and Annabeth.  The much better match than George and Lemon, these two have a bit of a rocky episode until they finally declare their love for one another and she moves to Nashville to be with him.  Just because you were born and raised in a small town doesn’t mean you have to stay there, just the same as being born and raised in the big city doesn’t mean you can’t get used to small town quirks.

Speaking of which, Rose is headed to the city with wisdom and shoes Zoe passed on to her.  Perhaps a potential opposite spin off, with small-town Rose moving to the big city? Zoe and Wade and the baby could guest star!

And it all ends with a lovely song and dance.  I’m sure (I think?) that George didn’t have his sudden change of heart and start his career in music management just so they could work in this big musical number, but they managed to work in a song in a way that it wasn’t completely random… in terms of singing happening or in terms of it being suddenly too crazy for them to do.

See you later, alligators

Alas, no such Rose spinoff is in the works… that I know of, anyway.  But if they were to get another season, this finale also planted the seeds of what it would look like with the introduction of a bunch of new people that Zoe is now in the position to comment on.  They include:

Autumn Reeser (who you might recognize as fellow OC-er Taylor Townsend) as the lawyer friend of George’s who he talked into moving to Bluebell for a year.  Much like Zoe, she was in no way prepared for so much fried food, so little public transport, or such big snakes.

A new bartender at the Rammer Jammer…

… who takes a shine to the “Associate” of Breeland & Hart & Associate, who Zoe naturally originally assumes is there to replace her.

As much as I’ve loved the show, and of course would love to see a continuation, I also won’t be too upset when they finally admit it’s the end.  It seems pretty certain that it is, and as far as finales go, this was a really good one: I worry that any more would ruin the nice ending and turn it into another of those Shows I Loved Till They Pushed It.




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