“Rules of Engagement” might be a war term, but here it’s been appropriated as the rules of engagement for couples in different stages in their relationships.

It was never one of my favourite shows, but it was (almost) always an enjoyable seven seasons that you might enjoy if you’re looking for something simple and easy to watch.  ♥♥♥♥/5

Adam and Jennifer are the couple who get engaged early in the series, and Adam also serves as the comic relief.  Usually he’s funny, sometimes – especially in the later seasons – he goes a little too overboard with it, but they’re a generally nice couple.

The other characters are there…

… to show them what it’s like to be married:

Jeff and Audrey.  The married couple trying to have a baby who are at that stage of Jeff being cranky and often seeming like he can’t stand his wife and Audrey being used to his ways and resigned to dealing with him and and apologizing when necessary.

… and to remind them what it was like to be single:

Russell is the happily single womanizer who doesn’t really change and doesn’t really want to.  When he isn’t with a woman, he’s enjoying the job handed to him at his father’s company and abusing his ever-patient assistant.

Timmy is said assistant and the outsider to the group there to try and make Russell a better person, impart wisdom, and become my favourite by doing that thing where he was supposed to be a one off character and then he stuck around for five more seasons.

It was never one of my favourite shows, but it was (almost) always an enjoyable seven seasons with storylines that happily get tied up in the finale – which was also the 100th episode – since this was one of those times when the showrunners knew it was ending and could give the characters their happy endings while throwing in their typical jokes and even a couple of last minute surprises.



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