TL;DR: Live action Kim Possible

First impression review of the first five episodes.

The question: What would a live action Kim Possible be like?

The answer: Just as good as Kim Possible, complete with a great theme song, more complicated than Blue’s Clues but less than James Bond. ♥♥♥♥♥/5

K.C. (emphasis on the K, so it sounds more like Casey) is a normal black-belt-holding, genius 16 year old who suddenly discovers that her parents are spies… and yes, they want her to be one too!  Naturally, her talents make her perfect for the job, and she’s such a good sister she even gets her brother in on the action… eventually.

* Being on the Disney Channel, she’s no James Bond, but it’s also not Blue’s Clues.

* There’s a laugh track (or live audience?) that I could do without – they cheer every time you see KC in disguise, and I get that it’s appreciation but also feels like the showrunners saying “look, there she is!”. Yes, I agree it could only bother me because I shouldn’t be watching the Disney Channel, but it is toned down after the first couple of episodes, so someone must have agreed with me.

* I binge-watched the first five episodes and it holds up.  Not every episode is entirely about a mission, but that’s not a bad thing.  If you’re going to start with more than just the first episode, I suggest watching at least the first three – a new character is introduced in the second episode who redeems herself by the end but felt show-ruin-y at first.

* Zendaya is tall.  I mean, I noticed it on Shake It Up, but for some reason here it’s really obvious and a little distracting.  Maybe it’s me finally starting to notice when, for example, an 18 year old is playing a 16 year old?

* Speaking of outfits, there seems to be quite a lot of denim.  Not that denim’s bad, and I doubt it’s ever going anywhere, but it’s unusual to see so much of it.  Perhaps because 18-year-old Zendaya is co-producer?

* Finally, what good TV show is any good without a great theme song?


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