Less growing-into-it (and dark) than Smallville, less violent (and dark) than Arrow, this is the kid brother to superhero shows that reminds you superheroes are supposed to be fun with a side of wisdom, not gruesome and overly serious (Gotham.) The comparison is never more obvious than the Arrow/Flash crossover with broody Oliver dealing with childlike Barry, which just served to make Barry even more adorable. ♥♥♥♥♥/5

Being a relatively new show, it’s still more villain-of-the-week than an ongoing story (personally, I prefer individual stories, but I also watch enough shows to know it never lasts…), though naturally there are ongoing threads like, of course, What Makes Him Tick.  And The Love Interest.

In this case, it’s the death of his mother and the father who’s sitting in jail (falsely) accused of it.  Because it wasn’t him, it was the two blurs that were racing around her, the impossible things that no one believed in until… “an accident made me the impossible.” And a bunch of other people, but of course, they’re all bad guys.



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