Cold Shoulder, The Librarians and The Muppets

The book I’ve just finished: Cold Shoulder.

Film I saw: Muppets Most Wanted

TV show I finished (the season of): The Librarians

Following the current trend of adapting films into TV shows, The Librarians is (so far) ten episodes based on the made-for-TV movies starring Noah Wyle.

Magic! Mythical creatures! Mystical objects! What’s not to love?

While Wyle still recurs here, he spends most of the season off being The Librarian while four others train to be Librarians themselves: Colonel Baird, the ex-NATO agent turned Guardian, Jake Stone, the art history expert trying to keep himself away from another bar fight, Ezekiel Jones, cunning thief putting his skills to good use for a change… mostly, and Cassandra, a hallucinating mathematician due to a “brain grape.”

You don’t need to have watched any of the films and you don’t need to watch the episodes in order (though the first one – and the second one – are a really good place to start).  If Indiana Jones and Relic Hunter (Claudia’s in it!) are what you like, then this should be just the dose of King Arthur/dragons/witchcraft and Santa you’re looking for.



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