Cold Shoulder, Fresh Off The Boat, Endeavour

TV show I started: Fresh off the Boat

The book I’m still reading: Cold Shoulder.

It seems to have hit the point where all the people that weren’t being told what was going on are now being told – separately – which is good for helping you keep track of everything, but not particularly for moving things forward.  That said, it’s still good, and I’m only 20% (or however much further it goes from 83%) from seeing how things turn out!

Film I saw: Endeavour

We shall endeavour to keep you entertained
Morse and his man Friday… er, Thursday

Okay, I know it’s like Sherlock and it’s a TV show in film format, but I haven’t seen any other films this week so I’m using it.

Endeavour, as you may or may not know, is the first name of a certain Inspector, which makes this series a prequel to Inspector Morse.

Shaun Evans stars as a young Detective Morse just getting started in the investigation game and no doubt picking up all the characteristics and meeting all the people Morse fans would recognize.  Even if you’ve never seen Morse, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying this show set in 1960s Oxford.


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