Lynda La Plante, Witches of East End and Blackhat

Cold shoulder, heart warming? We'll see.
Doesn’t deserve the cold shoulder.

A book I started: Cold Shoulder by Lynda La Plante. 

For a book I only have because it came with my (gifted) kindle, I’m enjoying it, even if it is a little slow. Also has one of my kindle gripes: no back cover.  I had to go and look it up after a couple of days.

The story of Lorraine Page, a disgraced police Lieutenant who chose the bottle over the job, now trying to get her life back together after six years in a drunken limbo.

What better way than to get back into the land of the living – and forget about wanting a drink – than to accidentally get involved in finding a serial killer?





The ladies of East End. Not to be confused with Eastenders.
They even still look like three sisters!

TV I watched: The Witches of East End

As a fan of Charmed, it’s fun to see something similar that isn’t vampires or overly violent.


I’ve only seen the first episode and I’m betting it ends up complicated, but it has just the right blend of mystery, comedy and magic. You know, so far.

Extra points for having a character actually mock the idea of “please don’t tell me I had the power within me all along!”


A film I saw: Blackhat

What happens when you decide to go the cinema first and check what’s on second? You end up slightly bored and quite confused by Blackhat, chosen (a) because Chris Hemsworth is in it and (b) because the rest of the town was there to see Taken 3.


Even Chris Hemsworth (rarely) shirtless can't save it.
There’s a point in here somewhere…


Which isn’t to say it was bad… it just felt like a good story spoiled by bad storytelling and an overly long running time; by the time it got to the point, I’d almost forgotten what was being twisted.  Throw in a romance there just for the sake of being there and somehow they managed to take hacking, something cool (not that I’m endorsing it!), and make Blackhat, something… not cool.


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