First book(s) of the year!

An example of three “books” that are more like three parts of the same story; I would recommend buying the 3-in-1 copy, though they are three separate stories if you prefer not to commit.

Inspired by the true story of a family who were kidnapped and said that they had been treated well, this is “what if?” – what if it had been a young single woman instead, one free to fall in love with her kind captor?

Enjoyable, but best read as one three-part book that could use a little more depth. ♥♥♥♥/5

Book #1: Kidnapped by the Sheikh

Who said true love has to start with a simple “girl meets boy”? Why not “boy kidnaps girl intending to ask for a ransom, but actually has the wrong girl, and falls in love rather than be angry when he finds out the truth”?

When we first meet Sarah, she happens to be in an ambassador’s car, leading the sheikh to assume she’s the ambassador’s wife through no fault of his own.  An assumption she doesn’t exactly rush to correct.

This being a romance, though, the revelation of her true identity results in sexytimes rather than death or violence, and a romance soon blossoms despite the vast differences between her British doctor background and his warlord ways.

As they say, “if you love it, set it free”, which he does… but it wouldn’t be much of a trilogy if the first book ended with her escaping and happily going home, now would it?

Book #2: Married to the Sheikh

First comes love, then comes marriage… of course, even in romances there needs to be a few obstacles, so it’s not exactly wedded bliss.

Just because the boy and girl are happy doesn’t mean everyone else is happy for them, and just because Sarah has spent a few years in his part of the world doesn’t mean it’s easy for her to get used to all of the ways of the desert.

Angry with his “mistreatment”, she leaves until they meet again…

Book #3: The Sheikh’s Son

… nine years later, after Sarah’s moved back to London and has been raising the baby in the baby carriage.

The third installment picks up with Sarah living as a single mother with a son who takes after his exotic father much more than his British mother, something that his classmates haven’t missed.

The sheikh finally tracks down his long-lost wife, who isn’t as happy to see him or as welcoming of his parenting advice as he was probably hoping for, and gets to work reconnecting with her and getting to the know the son he hopes will some day be a sheikh himself and might even kidnap a Sarah of his own.

And they all live happily ever after… but where? I’m not giving away everything!


If you’re a fan of romances and especially like ones in faraway places with exotic sheikhs, these are the books for you.

Personally, they’re guilty of one of my pet peeves with kindle books: unlike looking at a thick or thin physical book, you don’t necessarily realize how short something is until it suddenly finishes on you.

That said, they are enjoyable stories that I would recommend checking out.  And afterwards, you might even choose to try some of her other books starring sheikhs, cowboys and even a Latin lover.



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