Spotlight On… Disney Channel shows

Yes, I’m a 26 year old who (occasionally! When there’s nothing else on! … Usually!) watches the Disney Channel.  Enough of the shows to have some favourites.


No, not about a person called Charlie who brings good luck.  Also nothing to do with Good Luck Chuck.  The title is about an older sister, Teddy, starting a video diary as a way of passing on advice on dealing with their crazy family to her baby sister Charlie.

Bonus: Charlie’s adorable, and to an extent you get to see her growing up.

Of all these shows, this is probably the most realistic – of course you’re not watching this channel for something too serious, but on a scale of Very Serious to Completely Idiotic it tends towards the former.


Yes, the wizards of the title indicates that it involves wands and potions and magic, so this is one that requires a suspension of disbelief.  Starring Selena Gomez as one of three children training to become the next family wizard, it’s good escapism of the ‘crazy plan that always goes wrong’ variety.


I liked this more until I found out that the original storyline was that it was the Jonases as spies with being in a band as their cover.  The version they went with is more their day to day lives while also being superstars. (I know, dull, right? At least Nick’s cute.  And the theme song’s catchy.)

If a girl star is more your style, there’s always Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus as Miley and her life trying to be normal while handling the Hanna alter ego.


An animation! Kim is your “basic average girl” and cheerleader who just so happens to also be a great super spy.  One of the more well written kiddy spy shows, there’s never truly any danger from the incompetent super villain (despite his competent sidekick) and Kim’s incompetent (Stoppable’s even his name) sidekick and his pet hamster who bring the laughs.


No alter egos here, just a shy girl good at writing songs who meets a charismatic guy good at singing songs.  A match made in heaven, no? Exactly! Throw in a sidekick each – her friend who can’t hold down a job for more than ten seconds, his reminiscent-of-Ron-Weasley friend who directs his music videos, and you have yourself a fun little show with some good music.


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