The Stephanie Plum Books HISHE

I hope the nice people at How It Should Have Ended don’t mind my borrowing their title format for a second.  That site, for those who don’t know, is exactly what it sounds like: videos of their take on how various films should have ended.  (Yes, they’re videos and films and this is a blog and books, but shush.)

For this post, rather than a review of #18 that would only deteriorate into the same things I’ve said in other recent reviews, I thought I’d do something different; go back to #15 and offer an alternate ending that also serves a series ending for those fellow sufferers who can’t quit.  I’m even offering a Morelli ending or a Ranger ending!

If you haven’t got as far as #15, the important thing to know is that Ranger spends the book looking into – and recruiting Stephanie to help him look into – what seems to be someone on his own team working against him.

So, here goes (slight spoilers!)

The mole turns out to be Ella (I’m not surprised I was wrong, I never guess these things right, but wouldn’t that have been way better than some random teenager? At least have him embarrassed for more than a paragraph.)  She gets fired, freeing up a position for Stephanie to give up on the bounty hunter thing and become Ella 2.0.

The Ranger ending: Stephanie moves into the RangeMan building for her new job, and quickly takes a promotion into Ranger’s apartment bed.  She keeps her old place – after all, Ranger will never be the marrying type – for those times when Morelli can put his disgust aside and enjoy him some Cupcake.  After all, she has finally quit being a bounty hunter and that’s what he wanted, right?

The Morelli ending: Stephanie moves into the RangeMan building for her new job, and soon discovers that being an employee isn’t enough to keep Ranger away.  She realizes the only way to stop him is a ring: she and Morelli tie the knot, he moves in to become Mr Ella 2.0 and manages to put his differences with Ranger aside enough to realize the usefulness of all of Ranger’s little spy tools.

And there you have it! (For the record, I thought #18 was one of the better ones.  And I’m still reading them.)



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