Stacy has a problem.  She fell asleep on a plane in 2013 and woke up in 1963.

So naturally, her first priority is to figure out how to get home, right?

Well… it was.  Then she met Sergeant Brad.

Now she has a new problem.  Does she love him more than she hates 1963?

I had the chance to get an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher, Turquoise Morning Press, and I’m so glad I chose this one, I loved it!

As someone who prefers contemporary stories, I wasn’t sure I’d like the 1963 setting, but let me tell you how the author made it work:

Pros: 4          Cons: 0

1) It’s set in the past, but it’s “woman from 2013 suddenly finds herself in 1963” with all the entertaining reactions – from her and to her – that come with that, rather than “lalalala, we live in 1963 and these are our lives.”

2) It’s time travel without being anywhere near as complicated as Doctor Who.  If you like your complicated time travel with everything explained you might be a little disappointed with the simplicity, but given that the focus is supposed to be on the why, it’s given as much attention as it needs.

3) It’s a unique setting, location-wise.  At least it was to me, I haven’t seen another book that takes place almost entirely on an Army base and with military personnel. Military buffs might not learn all there is to know about the Army in 1963, but if you don’t know the first thing about it you’re not overwhelmed by abbreviations, ranks and Army talk.

4) It’s a really sweet love story.  If you like straight-up romance, it isn’t overshadowed by the time travel stuff, and if you like your romance to have other things going on you’re still covered; this isn’t a soppy staring into each other’s eyes/can’t keep their hands off each other/in bed every five seconds type of romance.

SPOILER (Skip to the verdict if you don’t want to know about the ending.)

Another thing I liked is its realism – as far as a book with time travel can be realistic.  You’ve suspended your disbelief enough to accept that a freak occurrence sent her back in time, and you’re not pushed to also believe that they’ve managed to recreate it or find some other convenient way to get her back.  I might not care too much about whether my books are realistic, but I don’t love magical fixes either.


It comes out on May 19…  I’ll wait while you go mark that in your calendar.  It’s fun, it’s got romance, it’s got drama, it’s got time travel… what more could you ask for?

I’ll leave you with one warning: Don’t read the end in public, unless you don’t mind people hearing you “d’awww”ing.


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