Show’s I’ve Tried: Fall 2012

In which I, you guessed it, offer up snap reviews/first impressions on the new shows I’ve tried this season.

The order is the arbitrary order I watched them in, and if something I say happens to be wrong by the second episode, then I remind you that in some cases I have only seen the first episode – hence the first impression/snappiness explanation.

The fact that they’re all on the CW is a coincidence.  Unless it means that I just happen to be in their demographic.  I do watch other channels!

Emily Owens, M.D.

Tuesdays, the CW

UPDATE: Apparently it’s been cancelled… so I’ll definitely watch the other 12 episodes .

I’m not a big fan of medical shows so I wasn’t expecting too much from this, but a decent-looking promo and Justin Hartley as a doctor made me try it out.

The titular Emily Owens is played my Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter) and is more of a new doctor a’la the beginning Grey’s Anatomy than an old pro like House.   It has more of a focus on comedy than drama, relationships than doctoring, and is more tame than rampant sexytimes.

And it wasn’t that bad.  On a scale of Scrubs to Grey’s Anatomy I’d put it closer to the Scrubs end; it’s not a sitcom and it’s not quite as silly as that was, but you do have a main character who admits to being a kid in a grown up’s clothing and her crush on her fellow doctor is a crush, not something that leads to sexytimes.  So far.

As someone who watched it mostly for Hartley I felt a little short changed, but to be fair he isn’t the main character; since he can’t actually disappear at least for a while yet, hopefully he gets a bit more screen time in future episodes.

Verdict: Keep watching.  As long as it keeps up the lighthearted not-completely-doctor-y tone of the first episode, it could become a favourite.

Beauty and the Beast

Thursdays, the CW

This is of course a remake of the 1987 drama of the same name, but as my knowledge of the original is admittedly limited, I won’t be trying to make too many comparisons.

You know the story; Beauty discovers Beast when he saves her from some kind of peril, and they go on to start a relationship in which she finds out he’s not that much of a Beast.

Which is even more true in this version than in the old.   Key differences/causes for eye rolling that I noticed from the first episode;

Beauty is a detective (wow, a detective!) whose mother’s death is a personal case that still plagues her nine years later (who hasn’t seen that before?)

The Beast isn’t exactly beastly.  Granted, he becomes beastlike if angry, but where the ’87 series had him at least looking disfigured, here he’s almost (to me, looks are objective) good-looking with nothing worse than a scar.  And yellow eyes.  Which are more unusual than supernatural.

And this one’s just being nitpicky, but it also goes with the above point: ’87 series, the Beast lives – accordingly – hidden away underground.  Here he’s been promoted to a warehouse where, judging by how easily Beauty managed to get in, he’s been lucky to have hidden in all this time without being found.

Aside from those things… well, there isn’t much aside.  It’s pretty much your usual procedural with the usual murder and a Beast subplot thrown in.  (Just to throw you a bone though, no, he didn’t do the murder.)

Oh, and pretty much the most unconvincing detective you’ll ever see in Kristin Kreuk, but I’ll admit that thinking that might just be because I hated her by the end of Smallville and I should watch a few more episodes to decide if it’s a fair comment.

Verdict: Give it a chance.  At least for a couple of episodes, to see if it grows on me more.  I’m tired of procedurals and even though ‘what happened to the Beast’ is slightly different, it is still connected to the mother’s murder and takes it right back to being like everything else.


Wednesdays, the CW

Not completely sure why I tried this; my limited knowledge of Green Arrow comes from Smallville, and I came away from it with more of an appreciation for Justin Hartley than I did the superhero. (See above.)

That said, I don’t regret it.  I’ll have to see what level the violence ends up at (not that there was that much of it or too graphic) but it had a good mix of serious and funny that I always like in my shows, even if it was also a  little more complex than I like.

If you like your eye candy, it stars the pretty Stephen Amell as Oliver/Arrow (shirtless!) and Colin Donnell as his friend.  If you like humour, it has it.  If you like violence, it has it… and if you don’t it doesn’t have too much.  So far.

Verdict: Try a few more episodes.  I stuck with Supernatural for three seasons because of Jared Padalecki, and Amell and Donnell may be reasons for me to stick with this.  If it gets too violent, though (like Supernatural), or too complicated (Dallas), then I’ll probably give up on it.



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