Spotlight On… Cool Cars

No one  ever said shows have to be more about the crime, the spooks, the story or the characters than they are about the vehicles – the vehicle can be a character all of its own!

Here are my top five cool cars.

Just in case you don’t know the reference, David McCallum = Dr Mallard = “Ducky” = NCIS.

Here’s the opening theme, which also serves as an explanation of the show.

And this is McCallum:

The opening theme from the cartoon:

Only Fools and Horses‘s Del and Rodney dressed up as Batman and Robin: (sorry, couldn’t find a good clip)


People watch it for Sam! People watch it for Dean! People watch it for Castiel!  People watch it for… the Impala? Why not.

Fun fact: Jared Padalecki played a character called Dean in Gilmore Girls.

There aren’t any proper opening credits, so to continue the Changing Channels references:

Special opening theme:

Knight Rider spoof: (some language)

Classic opening theme!

Knight Rider 2008 opening:

Busta Rhymes sample (starts around the 1:05 mark)

Season 1 opening:

Season 2:

Season 3: (I admittedly had to watch them together to spot the difference, it’s a trade of Dawn Stern for J Downing)

Season 4 (and in my opinion, the best, even if I do prefer Kaake looks-wise):



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