If vulgarity, language and violence (with a side of drugs) is your kind of thing, then you’ll probably like it more than I did; if, unlike me, you actually saw the 80s show you might appreciate it as a good adaptation.

The above was what stopped me from enjoying it as much as I’d hoped to, but in retrospect, I’ve seen worse.

The vulgarity was the most overused and unnecessary, especially in an early scene where it was only there for laughs.    The language, although there throughout, was the worst with one character who wasn’t around much.  There were two violent scenes that have stuck with me, one that combines violence with rudeness and another with people getting shot with graphics reminiscent of 300.  A third was nasty, but brief.

I’d still give it a 4/5.  Even if I did briefly stop paying attention at one point.

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Still here? Great!

You’ve probably heard of 21 Jump Street.  If you haven’t, the short version is that they are a team of police officers who look young enough to blend in with high school/college kids, and are involved in a project where they go undercover and do just that.

Here the project is being revived and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the two failed cops who are forced into it. (And then manage to break the first rule of Fight Club first rule of Jump Street.)

We’re not in Kansas anymore

High school isn’t quite the way ex cool kid (Tatum) and ex geeky kid (Hill) remember it.  They don’t even recognize what the cliques are any more.

All the ingredients… sort of

In high school,  the cool kid needs the geek’s help.  In the police academy: they need each other’s help.  Now the cool kid is left in the dust when they find geeky is the new cool.  Geek-come-cool kid enjoying this second time around a little too much.

High speed chases! … sorta.  One.  The others are slow speed chases… not quite the same ring.  With explosions! Eventually.

Immaturity fitting for a high schooler (but not quite an adult pretending to be a high schooler).

Former cool-but-dense one gains insights, smarts and grows a little? Check.  Who knew “app” Chemistry could be so much fun?

Cameos? Check.  Yes, Johnny Depp does make a brief appearance.  Other characters from the series: Judy Hoffs, Harry Truman Ioki and Doug Penhall.

Unbelievable plot point? Yes… but used throughout in a way that at least made it useful.  A police academy graduate, no matter how dim, isn’t going to not know the Miranda rights. (perhaps forget them in excitement, but he actually doesn’t know them.)


This was one of those films that I kept hearing about and decided I really wanted to see… then obsessed about till I got the DVD… and then didn’t watch for a month.

The problem is, I have instincts about when I’m not going to like something.  But they don’t kick in until after I’ve bought the ticket or the DVD, or I’ve agreed to do it.

Despite how I might have sounded above, I did enjoy it on the whole.  Not enough to watch again, but enough to give it a high rating and say it’s worth a watch if you’re bored.  Buy it here.



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