Showdown at the Crooked D

Season 3 episode 5

It’s summer in Middleton, and time for a Possible family trip to Uncle Slim’s ranch The Lazy C; no more marinating (that’s “relaxing for the professionals”) for Ron, who gets loaded up with the suitcases and promptly falls over.

After the theme song, we find out that today’s villains are Drakken and Shego!

Drakken has again been rejected by the Cerebellum Ultra Smarty Super-Genius Thinking Society (or the Super Dorky Club) , and decides to prove he’s “brillianter” than them.

Meanwhile, the Possibles make three discoveries; Slim’s nickname for his younger brother is “Squirt”, little cousin Joss’s new role model/obsession is Kim, complete with a replica mission outfit, and this is a working ranch, not a dude ranch; not so lazy after all.

Poor Ron. He’s afraid of horses – robot horses just makes it worse, after an incident with a mall pony ride “I lost two baby teeth that day.  That changes a guy.”  It doesn’t help that he manages to touch the one with a “glitch”.  To add insult to injury, Joss loves Kim, Wade and even Rufus, but Ron is just “the one always losing his drawers.”

Turns out this is the perfect time for Drakken’s plan, as all the super geniuses are getting together for a Wild West weekend… at the Crooked D Ranch, right next to the Lazy C! (Not so much a coincidence, guess who arranged it.)

Drakken explains his plan; the Silly Hat (“as silly as your outfit?”).  As soon as the geniuses put their hats on it turns them into babbling buffoons, leaving Drakken as the greatest mind on the planet. Perfect!

Kim’s unsuccessful pep talk to Joss “it’s easy to be happy being you, sometimes being you is enough to save the world,” prompted by guilt after being overheard complaining to Wade, is interrupted when she finds out that Drakken has Ron and her dad.

Good continuity nod with Squirt mentioning him and Drakken having been in the same class. He immediately figures out Drakken’s plan, and Drakken retaliates by explaining that Squirt was left out because he’s a Possible, and Possibles are “brats.”

Meanwhile, the “Possible posse” have arrived with their lasso-wielding twins and magnet-hooved robot horses.  What could go wrong? Joss trying to copy Kim, that’s what!

Next scene: they’re all in a jail cell.

As simple as Rufus getting the key off the nearby hook, right? Nope! That makes an alarm go off, and Doctor D has fun teasing them for “falling for that ruse and not even wearing a hat.”

Instead, it’s up to the glitchy horse from earlier (also known as Old Tornado.)  Uncle Slim activates it and it soon has the cell door off – along with Drakken’s pants.

Action!Ron time! He and Kim get on Old Tornado… but Shego fights Kim off, leaving Ron clinging to the tail as it runs rampage.  Joss makes up for her earlier mistake with an “original” move that even surprises Kim and lets her hit the off switch.

Barrel-wearing Drakken creates an idiotic-genius stampede as a diversion to let them get away, and with the genuises’ genius reinstated, everything’s back to normal.


Joss now has a new role model, posters of which have already replaced all the Kim posters from earlier.  Ron!

“You can do everything Kim,” she explains.  “But Ron, he’s afraid of everything and still doesn’t let it stop him, he’s always charging into action after you.  He’s the real hero.”




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