Doctor Who, “Let’s Kill Hitler” and Baywatch, “Aloha Baywatch”

Hello! Yes, I do realize that Doctor Who’s probably been done to death and Baywatch ended ten years ago, but hey.  These are two of the shows I’ve just seen and I need blog material.  Plus, I want to see if I have any skills as a reviewer… allowing for the fact that I only watched these once and I doubt professionals do that.

Spoilers ahead… probably more applicable to Who, but I’m going to warn regardless.

Let’s Kill Hitler

Season 6 episode 8

The sixth season returns with an episode unusually low on the scary – though it looks like next week plans to rectify that – but that actually answers some questions.  Well, sort of.  The usual mind-blowing way.

Don’t let the title mislead you, as it’s more about River than Hitler, who spent most of the episode shut in the cupboard (by Rory, after Rory punched him and told him to shut up.  Was also a good Rory episode.)

The Doctor: Has a new coat! And he spends most of the episode dying.  Of course he doesn’t, but it’s always interesting to see exactly how he won’t.  The tux and top hat make a return appearance (because… it looks better to die in?).  And – spoiler alert – he finds out about his death.

Was it just me or were they trying to make him a little Gibbs-ish (NCIS) with those rules?

Best quote: “Sorry. Hello. Doctor not following this, Doctor very lost. You never said I was hot.” And using River’s own “Spoilers” against her.

Saddest quote: “There must be someone left in the universe I haven’t screwed up yet!”

Amy: Which one? We have real!Amy and robot!Amy that Amy and Rory get trapped inside (“I’m really trying not to see this as a metaphor.”) Not forgetting Amelia Pond, who insists on reminding us that she isn’t really Amelia Pond.  Did anyone else want to hit her for keep repeating herself like that? A man’s dying!

Rory: A good Rory episode for someone I’ve never been too sure about and seems to spend every other episode near death.  He punches Hitler, tells him to shut up, and shuts him in a cupboard.  He sneak-punches a Nazi and steals his motorbike, which he can ride because “it’s that sort of day.”

There were a couple of flashbacks to Amy and Rory (and Mels’s) childhood, where Rory suddenly looked more like Amy’s younger brother than someone the same age, where we saw Amy discover that the friend of ten years that the girls seemed to have enjoyed bullying had never looked at a girl because he was in love with her, not because he was gay.

River (Mels…River… Melody…): This was mostly an episode for finally finding out about her.  Amy and Rory’s best friend was actually their daughter, and “they named their daughter after their daughter.” Erm… yes.  Even though her parents are both human, she’s a “child of the TARDIS”.  Which means? That she regenerates instead of dying! (yup, she’s that little girl) That the sneaky way of River staying Alex Kingston is to have her use all her regeneration power to save the Doctor! That the TARDIS likes her enough to teach her to drive it! (presumably, that she can time travel!)

Later, we see the Doctor give her the TARDIS-blue journal and say she’s going to be “amazing” before we fast forward to 5123, where University-River is explaining that she wants to get involved in Archaeology to “find a good man.”

Mel’s philosophy: Everything that went wrong in history happened because the Doctor didn’t stop it.

Best quote: “Is it going to take all day to kill you?”

My only gripe would probably be that Mels has never been mentioned before – not a surprise, but this girl is supposed to be Amy and Rory’s best friend, where was she at the beginning of last season? (or was she there? This is a show that needs to be watched over and over, after all.).  It just felt a little convenient.

Aloha Baywatch

Season 10 premiere

How can we spice up a show that’s pretty much just about pretty lifeguards? Move it to Hawaii for no good reason and have a major cast change!

The episode opens with a Mitch with stubble, complete with motivational images of him staring out at the sea and a voice over about what’s been going on.  Basically, Mitch is sad: his father recently died, his mother has Alzheimer’s and he doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a lifeguard anymore.  One thing for a character to be this way, but this is Mitch… he’s everything from lifeguard to race car driver to detective (okay, that’s the Baywatch Nights spinoff)

As it turns out, he’s serious about not being as good anymore, as a family save ends with him having to ask one of the would-be savers if they can get themselves back in.  The solution: start up a lifeguard training centre with lifeguards from around the world, who will teach each other all the tricks of the trade as they work in a place where “people die.  Lifeguards die.”!

With the exception of one, we meet the whole new team, and get a lengthy montage of everything they’ll be getting up to this season.  Familiar faces are Jessie, JD and Allie (from the two part Australia episode last season.)

Sean Munroe is the new leader, who they quickly realize is going to be tougher to work for than softie Mitch, starting with a speech that a team can only be as strong as their weakest link, and he’s going to find out who that is asap so he can send them home.

Jason is the child (19) prodigy with a stuck up attitude to match. (Fun fact: he’s played by Jason Mamoa, from the latest Conan the Barbarian movie.)

Kekoa is the pretty native JD dares to look at, incurring the wrath of Jessie, who forces him to admit she’s pretty before asking who he’d choose if Sean declared her their “weakest link” and she got sent home.  No comment, Jessie often annoys me.

Also note that this is technically the first of a two parter, although I don’t think it said to be continued; the story with the little girl Hina is picked up again in the next episode.



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